Investment Strategy


Active Investments

  • To actively monitor the market, seek to capitalize on investment opportunities and to hedge against market and/or industry risk.
  • To actively pursue and leverage well established networks and relationships for prime investment opportunities in corporations and/or funds on the verge of exponential growth and/or liquidity events.

  • The FTSE/JSE SWIX Top 40 Index is:
    • is highly concentrated when compared to peers; and
    • has a higher annual index turnover,
    • which results in higher fees being paid by passive managers given constant portfolio rebalancing.
  • Passive managers tend to be reactionary and restricted in basket make-up. In this regard, market corrections can (especially in emerging markets) result in significant losses.
  • The complexities of deal origination and deal making in emerging markets and the ability to optimally capitalize on investment opportunities to generate alpha requires active managers and investment professionals focused on a particular sector.

BAM dynamically monitors risk factors that may have a negative impact on Banyan's proprietary investment strategies or funds. With highly risk averse fund mandates, dynamic market analysis, blending strategies and correlation risk assessment strategy our in-house risk management team implement solutions that help mitigate the overall risk to market downside exposure.

In addition to actively managing invested capital, Banyan continually carries out research with dedicated teams operating on a deal-by-deal basis. Banyan also physically bases its team in country for prudent asset management.

1. Deal Origination

  • Vast network of South African contacts
  • Advisory Committee’s extensive network
  • Organic origination arising from operating within South Africa
  • Consulting and advisory arm provides access to significant deal flow
  • Established relationships with South African focused PE funds & Industry Associations

2. Analysis and Due Diligence

  • Honed analytical skills from successful investment banking and private equity experience
  • Advisory Committee of industry leaders provide invaluable experience and advice

3. Structuring and Packaging

  • Team experienced in structuring and packaging deals across the financial services, banking, property, agribusiness, energy, manufacturing and mining sectors in Asia, Europe and Africa

4. Capital Raising

  • An established network of institutional and private investors built up over the last 15 years

5. Active Asset Management

  • Over 50 years combined experience actively managing companies in several sectors

6. Accretive Exit Strategy

  • Across the board, company wide experience in accretive trade sale exit transactions