The Banyan tree is a remarkable species of tree

Banyan trees can survive for centuries and grow into vast forests. Banyans have very sophisticated root and vine systems. The tree drops aerial roots from its branches to reach the ground, which then grow into strong trunks. In this way a tree can expand into a mini forest on its own. In India, there is a Banyan tree said to be older than five thousand years.

The Latin name for this tree is “Ficus Benghalensis” it is a member of the Ficus or Fig genus. In addition, another member of the Fig genus is the “Ficus Natalensis”, commonly known as the Natal Fig and is found in KwaZulu Natal and other parts of Africa.

The Banyan tree being a member of the fig tree family is the only tree in the World that is considered sacred in most of the World cultures and religions. The Banyan tree in India is considered to represent the abundance of a benevolent King who provides for the citizens. The Banyans seeds are very small and it is amazing to consider that such a large tree grows from such a small seed.

Adopting the name of the Banyan tree was a natural choice for our team at Banyan Asset Management. At Banyan our team has the expertise to ensure that each client’s investment, like the small seed of the Banyan tree, is nurtured to grow into solid investments which can provide an abundance of wealth. Our desire is to increase investment opportunities for our clients, expand their assets under management and create a secure and nourishing environment for them to flourish. Just as the Banyan is given the highest respect all over the World, we consider that Banyan is the vehicle carrying the assets of our clients; therefore those assets should be preserved and nourished through prudent and innovative market strategies.

Banyan’s philosophy of business can be simply articulated as the blending of realized knowledge or wisdom with social responsibility and compassion. This philosophy underpins our ethical responsibility to our investors, shareholders, employees, corporate governance, marketing, compliance and society in general.

Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) and obligation is aligned to South Africa’s mandate of bridging the economic divide and empowering the majority to prosper. In fact our Social Responsibility Charter (available on request) has mandated affirmative action employment strategies to equalize this divide that is starkly present in the asset management industry. The Charter is aligned to help bring about the much needed change to the disparity in the asset management industry. Our strategy will ensure a transfer of assets to investment managers from previously disadvantaged communities of South Africa. This will be achieved through a seamless transition of knowledge, talent and custodian wealth transfer.

Banyan’s Code of Ethics ensures that the company follows all laws and compliance regulations domestically and globally. The responsibility of our directors is to abide by all laws, compliance and regulations and above all to do no harm (Primum non nocere). Our internal audit process serves to eliminate any corporate ethical/legal abuses including creative accounting, earnings management, misleading financial analysis, fraud, bribery and kickbacks.

Banyan Asset Management

Banyan Asset Management (“BAM”) is a Republic of South Africa Financial Sector Conduct Authority registered and approved Category II Discretionary Financial Services Provider offering Intermediary Services (FSP No. 45613). As a multi-manager, BAM carries the brand of Banyan as it symbolises a unique, market-leading, alternative investment management business that meets the highest industry standards. As a client of BAM you are assured that your wealth is being looked after by experts who not only meet the highest standards of integrity and professionalism, but are passionate and driven by success and helping you grow your wealth and fully experiencing life.

Banyan Asset Management (Pty) Ltd is registered with the Financial Intelligence Centre in terms of the Financial Intelligence Centre Act No. 38 of 2001 as amended. BAM has Professional Indemnity and Fidelity Guarantee Cover.


  • Banyan Asset Managers’ professionals in total have managed over U$ 15 billion AUM

Type of Mandates handled

  • South Africa (RSA) – Equity, Property (including REITs), Bonds, Money Market, Balanced, and Absolute Return
  • Global – Equity, Money Market, Balanced
  • Africa – Equity

Type of Investors handled

  • Institutional – Retirement Funds, Life Companies, Medical Aid Schemes, Municipalities, Multi-Managers, Unit Trust Funds, Fund of Funds
  • Retail – High Net Wealth Individuals, Family Trusts

Type of funds handled

  • Segregated, Pooled, and Unit Trust Funds

Real Estate Sector

  • Experience since 1999
  • First REIT founded: 2003
  • Advised on a significant number of the largest real estate transaction within this market, including mergers & acquisitions (public and private), listings, securities offerings, bond issuances, structured financings and fund formations. Recent mandates of team members during 2018 include transactions involving Liberty 2 Degrees (R8bn), Exemplar REITail (R2.5bn), Attacq (R2.8bn), Rebosis (R8bn), Safari Investments (R1.9bn), Growthpoint (R4.4bn) and Redefine (R1.3bn).