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  • Corporate entities
  • Pension funds
  • Institutions
  • Family offices/trusts

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Real Estate Investment Trusts (“REITS”) are the globally standardised vehicles for the purpose of a collective investment in real estate and real estate related assets. REITS offer investors a very liquid stake in real estate assets, receive special tax consideration, and typically offer substantial dividend yields.

In terms of the South Africa REIT sector, the unique elements of JSE-listed REITS include the following:

  • A REIT must own at least R300million of real estate assets.
  • Maintain a gearing ratio of below 60% of gross asset value.
  • Earn at least 75% of its income from rental or from real estate owned, or investment income from indirect real estate ownership.
  • Have a committee to monitor risks.
  • Not enter into derivative instruments that are not in the ordinary course of business.
  • Distribute at least 75% of its taxable earnings available for distribution to its investors annually.
On meeting the requirements and qualifying as a REIT, the vehicle itself pays no tax on its income, and tax is levied in the hands of the investors.

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